Are you more likely to die from...?

Are you more likely to die from...?

by: clase_de_2013

If you were to be exposed to any of these events, which would you be more likely to die from? This quiz takes everyone in the world into account, not just a certain country.

  1. 1

    a shark attack or a coconut falling on your head?

  2. 2

    bungee jumping or falling in the bathtub?

  3. 3

    giving birth or being murdered?

  4. 4

    a police officer's actions or a terrorist's actions?

  5. 5

    a cow attack or a hippo charge?

  6. 6

    being struck by lightning or a volcano eruption?

  7. 7

    jellyfish or shopping on Black Friday?

  8. 8

    skydiving or alcohol poisoning?

  9. 9

    flying champagne corks or high school/college football?

  10. 10

    a falling asteroid or legal execution?

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