What Animal Crossing villager personality are you?

What Animal Crossing villager personality are you?

by: shonarose

Ever wondered what you would be like if you were a villager in an Animal Crossing game? Take this quiz and find out!

  1. 1

    Which Harry Potter character would you liken yourself to most?

  2. 2

    What pastime makes you feel most in your element?

  3. 3

    Your best friend's going through a rough patch and you catch a bully teasing them for it. How do you react?

  4. 4

    You're on a desert island. Assuming you have food, shelter and water already, what three things would you choose to take with you?

  5. 5

    Your favourite music?

  6. 6

    What do you dislike most about yourself?

  7. 7

    Describe your look when you make a bit of an effort.

  8. 8

    Pick a shape, any shape!

  9. 9

    Your favourite meal?

  10. 10

    Your favourite animal?

  11. 11

    Your ideal day out?

  12. 12

    Your favourite quote to live by is?

  13. 13

    Your best quality is...?

  14. 14

    You would most like to...

  15. 15

    Okay, and finally! What's the best way to say goodbye?

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