WWFFY: Scars part 2

by: Kajacola

Sorry it took so long! Quibblo's format kept getting messed up.

Recap: Last part was your first day at high school. Leonard invited you and Megan to a party.

  1. 1

    The second day of school wasn't half bad- being on a Friday and you having a party later to look forward to. At lunch, you and Megan meet up with the boys. You take a seat.

  2. 2

    "So where does Manny live?" Megan asks Leo. Kyle snickers. "Manny's is a grill," Leonard states, "Near Santanos Boulevard."

  3. 3

    "Nico, you're driving us, right?" Megan asks. "Oh, uh, sure," Nico replies. "Who else is going?" Megan asks Leo. "Some more kids from school, and a few other people." "I thought you said it was a-

  4. 4

    After school, and your God awful creamery job, you go by the auto shop that Rev and Daniel work at. "Hey, __," Daniel says when you enter.

  5. 5

    Just then, Rev walks out, wiping his oil covered hands onto a rag. "Hey," you say, handing him an energy smoothie from the creamery. "Thanks. I really need a booster," he says, drowsily.

  6. 6

    "I can't. I'm working the night shift at the gas station," Rev says. "Oh. Ok. Cya," you say, feeling bad. You head to Megan's with a couple hours left to get ready.

  7. 7

    You ring Megan's doorbell. Nico answers, "H-hello, __." You smile, "Hey. I'm here to get ready with Megan..." "Oh. She's in her room," Nico says. You thank him and head upstairs. Upon entering, Megan-

  8. 8

    "You look fabulous!" Megan exclaims. After you finish hair and makeup (which takes a LONG time, mind you), there's a knock on Megan's bedroom door. It's Nico. "You guys ready to go?" You both emerge.-

  9. 9

    Nico is a cautious driver but you manage to arrive there pretty early. Manny's so called "grill" looks more like a club. You can hear the loud rap before even entering. "You guys sure this is a good-

  10. 10

    Megan points to a lounge area behind some tinted glass where Leo and Kyle sit with some well-out-of-highschool girls. "There's Leo," Megan states, "Let's go say hi."

  11. 11

    Despite the protests, Megan drags you and Andy along. The glass room is quite a bit quieter. You can actually hear yourself think. "Hey, Leo!" Megan says upon entering, "This is a great party. Thanks-

  12. 12

    You manage a smile as you look around. Soothing lights and lounge chairs. Even some daybeds. It's nice cozy- until you look at the glass coffee table. White powder. You swallow and look away quickly-

  13. 13

    "You should really go try the mango cocktail," Leonard says, firmly. You nod vigorously. Megan and Andy follow you out. "Geez. What was that about?" Megan says. You shrug, still haunted. You three-

  14. 14

    You two dance for a few songs. "Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all," Andy says, spinning you, and failing at it; you crash back into him and tumble to the ground, both laughing. "Hey you-

  15. 15

    "Yeah," Andy replies, grinning at you, "Oh! I forgot to ask him when we need to be home. Sorry... be right back." Andy goes to look for Theo. You sit on one of the stair steps. A boy approaches. You-

  16. 16

    It wasn't too awkward; He was an amazing dancer. "You don't go to my school, do you?" You ask. "And what school is that?" he says. You're reluctant to tell this stranger what school you go to. He can-

  17. 17

    You notice Vince looks glum. "What's wrong?" you ask. He runs his hand through his hair. "Kyle and Leonard are entitled jerks. They hate me! How am I supposed to have a good time?" He says.

  18. 18

    Seeming to not notice your response, Vince continues, "Whatever. It doesn't matter... Anyway, how are you?" "Ok," you reply. "Say, you wanna go to the back room?" Vince grins. "I'm waiting for Andy,"-

  19. 19

    Daniel excuses himself from a girl across the bar to come talk to you, watching Vince head to the back. He turns to you. "Was he bothering you?" He asks. "Nothing I can't handle," you smile, tiredly.-

  20. 20

    You glance back over at the guy you danced with. He and Leonard are behind the stairs, arguing. You sigh. Andy sits down next to you. "Sorry I took so long. What's up?" He says. "I think I'm ready to-

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