which 2004 song r u?

which 2004 song r u?

by: princessmimi

i cant believe that 2004 was 10 YEARS AGO! i honestly remember it like it was yesterday! it was one of the greatest years of my childhood cause not only did i go to my first concert EVER (hilary duff) that year but everything was right and perfect! i hope you guys know some of these songs or singers cause then honestly i would feel like i have aged myself lol. ok enjoy the quiz you guys!

  1. 1

    do you remember 2004?

  2. 2

    which singer/band is sooo 2004??

  3. 3

    what do you think of when you hear '2004'

  4. 4

    what is your fave lyric?

  5. 5

    where would u go on vacation if you could?

  6. 6

    pick a random object

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