A forgotten life? (wwyff)

by: Fallen_Angel___

Wwyff. your secretly a princess but were transported to another world living with your guardians who fall for you. (hint: all but one....)

  1. 1

    Your Pov: I came home from school, annoyed as can be... Everything was going wrong, mom had just made me food. Then someone called my phone. I growled as I answered it was Jared. My best friend

  2. 2

    He asked if he could come over, I asked your mom and she said yes. So I said yea. He said good Im in your parking spot. He walked right in and took away my soda. I yelled hey! He smirked and

  3. 3

    I said who told you? He said Luke, I growled Luke Im going to kill you. I gasped and said He got on my last nerve so i punched his arm and he kept at it till i scracthed him. Jared said why luke thou.

  4. 4

    Cody knocked on the door. Saved by the door. He said _! I said Kitchen. He said It's time to go. I looked at him and said Going. I grabed my bag and said bye to my parents. Jared ran behind us. We

  5. 5

    You saw 3 boys you have seen at school but werent close to

  6. 6

    The all talked the introduced themself. Chase grabed your hand and kissed it the same way as jared did the first day you meet him. He said hi princess. Then got pushed out of the way by Hunter who sai

  7. 7

    Chase POV: We hung out with _ It was fun. I wish we could hang out with her longer without having to confess the truth... our lives could have been so different together...if things didnt work out

  8. 8

    Sorry it was short but i kept having to redo it. Hopefully you liked it

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