What is your IQ?

by: Scorn

Long is quiz to determine how smart you are on a 100% scale!

  1. 1

    Math: Use BEDMAS: 9+5x6/2-14

  2. 2

    History: Who was not a President of the USA?

  3. 3

    Geography: Which is a country in South America?

  4. 4

    Science: Which is not an element?

  5. 5

    English: The Great Gatsby was written by...

  6. 6

    Music: Which term means soft?

  7. 7

    Art: Which group is a famous artistic group?

  8. 8

    Health: Which bone is in the arm?

  9. 9

    Languages: Which is the official language of Burkina Faso?

  10. 10

    Drama: Which play is centered around the 50s?

  11. 11

    Physical Education: Which workout will make your ab muscles stronger?

  12. 12

    Science: Biology: Which is the only mammal that can fly?

  13. 13

    Sociology: What topic is not oftenly discussed in sociology?

  14. 14

    Psychology: Which is not a famous psychologist?

  15. 15

    Religion: Which is not a widely used religion?

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