What kind of boyfriend should YOU be looking for?

by: Alice4short

sometimes you know what you WANT, but you don't know who's got it! this quiz will help you with that

  1. 1

    what's YOUR idea of a date (not formal)

  2. 2

    how do you like MR.RIGHT to be dressed

  3. 3

    what talent or hobby do you find MOST attractive

  4. 4

    how do you like your guys hair styled

  5. 5

    whats you fav color

  6. 6

    are you in any clubs/clubs you like boys in ( if you are GOING to be just put that)

  7. 7

    what sport is most attractive to watch boys play

  8. 8

    what kind of language will you except

  9. 9

    what kind of thoughts will you put up with

  10. 10

    LAST QUESTION: how often in trouble? ;)

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