Area 25 and a half (WWYFF) VI

by: nyan_sama

Here is part 6 I hope everyone enjoys c: recap- you were with a mysterious boy and you fell unconscious. Ok ready?

  1. 1

    Every where you looked you saw the guys faces "you know we don't trust you right" Joel said "you're not smart enough to help us" Chris said "or pretty enough" Carson added. "We were just using you to

  2. 2

    It made you so upest you cried, Noel came over and put his hand on your head. He smirked then pushed you down, "oh _ now all that is left is to get rid of you, you do know that right" Noel said

  3. 3

    You awoke with a start, "you're awake, finally!" James said rushing over and hugging you "I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have let you go with him" he cried

  4. 4

    He startled you because of your dream and you gave him a little push off of you "what happened" you asked "you don't remember, here lets go see the others" he said gently tugging you out of bed

  5. 5

    When you arrived to the guys they all tried to hug you but again you pushed them away "what happened" you said firmly "well yesterday you came into contact with an Incubus" Chris began

  6. 6

    ""we don't think he acheived his goal, however he did manage to drain your energy before we came" he said "wait what is an incubus" you asked. All of the boys looked each other, uneasy.

  7. 7

    "it's uh a demonic creature that puts women to sleep in order to uh impregnate them" Chris said awkwardly. You blushed and said "wait...

  8. 8

    "well um a Vampires nose is very good" he responded. "_ come with us, we wer about to to go talk to Issac and figure out where he came from" Noel said "ok" you said a little afraid to see him.

  9. 9

    The guys led you to the bathroom turns out they tied him up and put him in the bathroom. When they opened the door you saw a very irritated boy with white hair and white eyes

  10. 10

    "is this him?" you asked "yes we already found out that he is part shapeshifter, so he's able to change his apperence" Chris explained. You stared the guy, he returned your stare the mirked "like my

  11. 11

    "not really, don't ya think its too pure" you say, he stares at you then throws his head beack and laughs. "thats what I was going for, it makes me look like an angel, I'm like a contradiction, an

  12. 12

    You shivered at his odd response "where did you come from" Joel asked him. He towards him and smirked "well when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much" he began "shut up" Joel said glaring at

  13. 13

    Issac smirked "well I'm from where youre from but I dont intend to go back" he saud "how did you know where we're from" Chris asked "tch youre kidding right, last night you threatened to bite me so

  14. 14

    "we're not going to get any answers from him so lets just let him go, we have better things to do" Joel said leaving. Noel followed him

  15. 15

    "fine untie James and Carson" Chris said leaving also. As they untied him you couldnt help but notice him watching you. You started to leave when you heard "I want you _ and I'll do anything to get

  16. 16

    well I'm ending it here! see you guys later, don't forget to comment por favor! c:

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