Area 25 and a half (WWYFF) V

by: nyan_sama

So we're up to quiz five interesting right!!! Well its been a week and I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and I might have up a poll for your favourite boy!! Enjoy :3

  1. 1

    You met the guys in the main room of the suite after changing because you couldn't go out in a fancy hotelin your pajamas. What did you wear?

  2. 2

    "You look gorgeous! Guys doesn't _ look gorgeous?" Carson beamed. You blushed as the others agreed. You looked at them, they were all in tuxedos, Joel and Noel wore hats to hide their ears "you guys

  3. 3

    "we all decided we were going to be like spies so we had them packed" James said grinning. The other guys looked embarressed "it was a joke" Chris mumbled

  4. 4

    You left the room and got in the elevator "well since we are dressed for it I say we hit the casino first" Joel said "then the buffet" Noel added "but I wanted to go to the library" Chris said "uh

  5. 5

    "yeah that was pretty lame" James added. Chris pouted "I'll go to the library with you later" you said smiling at him. His face lit up "really, great!"

  6. 6

    You guys reached the Casino floor and you gave everyone the cards for chips and things to be used at the tables and games that the hotel gave you for everyone. Immediatly Joel pulled you over to the

  7. 7

    Within a half an hour you and Joel doubled your money. People were cheering behind you. You saw one guys however not cheering but just staring, he had dark read hair and blazing red eyes.

  8. 8

    "hit me" you said turning back to the table adding to your 12 you got a king breaking your winning streak. "if I was you I would take my winnings and go you heard in your ear and when you turned and

  9. 9

    "I'm out" you said gathering your chips and standing, Joel grabbed your waist "are you leaving, I need my good luck charm" he said smiling. You faked a smile "I just need some air"

  10. 10

    You left after cashing in and leaned against the wall. who was that guy and why was he so creepy you thought "_ is something wrong" you looked up to see Noel with a worried look on his face

  11. 11

    "everyone is waiting for us at the buffet, come on" he said grabbing your hand and gently pulling you with him. As you walked to the buffet you noticed someone walking relatively close to you.

  12. 12

    When you turned around you saw a boy with blond hair and pale yellow eyes staring at you. Noel saw him too "something you need man" he asked glaring. The boy smiled creepily "you friend is very pretty

  13. 13

    "creep" Noel mumbled. You guys joined the others in the buffet and ate. What was your favourite thing at the buffet?

  14. 14

    ""what should we do next" James asked after dinner "I don't know about you guys but _ and I will be going to the library now" Chris said grabbing your hand and walking away swiftly good luck Noel

  15. 15

    You guys got to the library and were soon surrounded by books. "this is amazing" Chris said his face lighting up "what's your favourite genre _" he asked you.

  16. 16

    You both settled down in the comfy chairs that were there and began reading. About fourty five minutes later someone ran over picked you up and ran out "sorry _ I couldn't wait I want to go to the

  17. 17

    Once you guys got in he dragged you to the dance floor, you danced for a while until you got tired and went to get a drink. James walked over "wow you had some nice moves" he said chuckling "thanks,

  18. 18

    "uh _ don't freak out but that guy over there is staring at you" he said making a face. You looked around and saw a guy a few tables away with charcol hair and pitch black eyes staring at you.

  19. 19

    The guy walked over "hello miss would you like to dance" he said holding out his hand. There was something about him that you couldn't refuse "sure" you replied taking his hand. James looked like he

  20. 20

    He pulled you deep into the crowd of people and danced with you very closely. "You know I've been watching you all nigh and I think you are beautiful, let's go to my room" he said, hou couldn't help

  21. 21

    OK well I'm ending it here, I hope you liked it please remember to rate, comment and tell your friends! See ya later c:

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