Which of the 7 Powers of Light are you?

Which of the 7 Powers of Light are you?

by: Heart_And_Seoul

Three higher, four lesser, which of these radiant lights are you?

Each result provides a metal and a colour. Those results (gold, silver) that are metallic colours have additional colours provided.

  1. 1

    If you were given any gift, you'd rather it be -

  2. 2

    Your favourite holiday would be -

  3. 3

    Favourite mythical/magical creature of this list?

  4. 4

    Your favourite weather is -

  5. 5

    What are your favourite colours? (to wear, to look at, to paint with, anything!)

  6. 6

    Favourite pantheon?

  7. 7

    Favourite Element -

  8. 8

    Best day of the week?

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