Are you Naughty Or Nice? This X-Mas

by: xNewYearBeautyx

Lookin' for an interesting quiz? You can to the right place. The best part is it is Christmas-themed.

  1. 1

    Do you think you are naughty or nice?

  2. 2

    Do you like Waterfalls or Bloody Rivers?

  3. 3

    Are you sweet as a bird or bad as a devil?

  4. 4

    Do you help Santa or steal all the presents from him?

  5. 5

    Do you like to help in community service or kill them?

  6. 6

    If Snowman lost his snowballs would you not give them back or give it to him?

  7. 7

    If a reindeer lost his pack would you help him or die in the cold?

  8. 8

    Do you want presents or coal?

  9. 9

    Would you get a green or purple/blue christmas tree?

  10. 10

    Are you Cindy Lou the Good Of Christmas or Grinch the Bad Of Christmas?

  11. 11

    Are you Scrooge or his nephew?

  12. 12

    Are you Oscar or Elmo?

  13. 13

    Do you believe in Santa and the North Pole Yes or No?

  14. 14

    Is this one of your favorite holidays?

  15. 15

    Would you help an Elf get to the North Pole or abandon him on the streets?

  16. 16

    Are you going to help Marley's Ghost be free or stuck in chains?

  17. 17

    Would you donate money for Tiny Tim to heal his leg or don't care?

  18. 18

    Would you pay Bob Cratchit or take his house?

  19. 19

    Would you help homeless people or let them starve?

  20. 20

    Would you sing with the Carolers or stay at home not celebrating X-mas?

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