(A WWFFY/WWYFF) The Clue: Part One

by: xXxMusicAddictxXx

I will not be saying " You walked..." it will be " I walked..."
Sorry, some words in the results are mashed together, the small boxes make Long Result Quizzes impossible!

  1. 1

    I walked around school, bored out of my mind, and a bit annoyed, my mom and dad went away on vacation without me! I mean, how could they! I am stuck at school on a rainy Monday! I jumped, the fire

  2. 2

    I followed behind everyone in my school, ugh, who was the idiot who did this? " Jackson! why did you do that?" i heard a voice say when i thought i was the last in the building! " No one found out,

  3. 3

    " Yeah, until the fire department comes!" I hid, " All i did was summon enough smoke to get them going! There was no fire when the come we can hide, we can make it look like there was a small

  4. 4

    I begin to curse inside my head, the footsteps got closer and soon a boy with black hair, pale skin and green eyes, he looked surprised, " What are you doing?" he asked, " I...uh..um..." i stuttered

  5. 5

    " What are you doing?" he repeated. now three other boys showed, one had brown hair, and orange eyes, another had brown hair and glowing blue eyes, and the last had blonde hair and pale blue eyes,

  6. 6

    " Um..." he said, " And why did he say 'summon' smoke and what do you mean 'clue'?" I yelled, " You heard everything ?" said the one with orange eyes, " Yeah, who are you?" I felt a wave of

  7. 7

    I woke up in a room, an unfamiliar room i looked around, it was plain white, with a dresser against the wall, i heard vlices outside the door, i stood up and opened it, " Whay the hell?" i yelled.

  8. 8

    " Where am i?" i repeated, " Uh... our house," said Cam, " What you freaking kidnapped me! What the hell! where is the freaking door?" I screamed, i walked away " Wait! We need you! here, soon

  9. 9

    I looked and found the door, i walked toward it and ran outside, I was grabbed by someone when i was at least a block away, and it wasnt one of the guys.

  10. 10

    Plz comment if you want more, send me a friend request if we arent friends already, thank you for taking, and also, please rate if you liked it! Bye!

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