Will you escape? The Haunted Prison Isle.

by: Antarctica_

Ok... so I am strangely into these puzzle games where you are caught and locked up and have to escape... So... shrugs yeah... I thought I'd see if maybe I could make something-ish like it XD so here goes... have fun.

  1. 1

    flash of lightning and boom of thunder we all awaken to these sounds stand to find ourselves in a dark, dank dirty place of cold solid stone is beneath our bare feet and we are in indevidual cells

  2. 2

    I sigh and shrug my shoulders... "We need a wet cloth and something solid and strong like a pipe to bend these old bars." The smartest of us suggests. "Alright. anyone have any of those things?" The

  3. 3

    "Alright. Good." says the smartest one now we have to give them to the strongest of us so he can bend the bars, first... prayer... I'll give you this cloth. dip it in the water. and the strongest

  4. 4

    With all his anger and might the angry one twists the cloth around the cell bars and uses the bar as leverage and spins it to tighten the cloth until he bends the bars and is able to get out.

  5. 5

    I shrug and sigh, "Ok... My turn now."

  6. 6

    I roll my eyes at the headstrong one, "No worries. I've got it covered." I disappear into my cell and then come out of a hole that is in the wall above my cell bars smirking. "You were saying?"

  7. 7

    I ignore the headstrong one and nod at the last one, "I can't bend the bars... I am strong, but not THAT strong. SO! I shall pick the locks. looks around anything around for me to do so?

  8. 8

    After a little looking the headstrong person gives me a broken fork. "Hmm... ok. I need something else too." The smart one hands me a hairpin and thus I pick the locks and all are out.

  9. 9

    I follow smiling and skipping along like I'm having the time of my life, when a sudden scream pierces our ears.

  10. 10

    I hug the scared one and then run towards the scream.

  11. 11

    To our horror the mean one is being help up over a pit of spikes and poisoned barbs by a dark evil creep phantom with a face like Preditor's.

  12. 12

    I can only look at him sadly and grab a pebble on the ground and throw it at the phantom, "HEY! Let him... well... put him down over here now!" The phantom is translucent so the stone goes through it

  13. 13

    We help with the chains and manage to wrap them around the mean one and as we do, the phantom screaches and drops him.

  14. 14

    Suddenly, the chains snap as th phantom cuts them with a HUGE axe and he plummets to his end.

  15. 15

    The headstrong one piggybacks the fainted one and shouts, "Lets get the f* out of here! Before that thing turns on us* and runs off.

  16. 16

    He is correct as the thing turns on us and comes after us. and thus we cliffhanger.

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