Who Will Fall For You, Vampire Werewolf Angel Demon Neko Werewolf PART 3

by: xXxMusicAddictxXx

I know I am doing these fast, but ppl commented already, so I was like, Yay! A comment, I also have to make Part 3 now!!!!! XD

  1. 1

    We left off after you met everyone. well Byron is now getting dinner ready for us, so Carter decides to show you around

  2. 2

    He shows you all the rooms and stopped at yours, " This is your room," he said, " Thanks," you smile, " Are you okay? i mean your arm, and you cant get back, are you okay?" he ask, its weird, in a lot

  3. 3

    He decides to show you around the room, just for the heck of it, then turns around and kisses you, he does it quickly though,

  4. 4

    You both awkwardly pretend nothing happened at dinner, you dont really talk, you are stilk thinking about the kiss, why did he do that?

  5. 5

    You walk up to 'your room' and sit on the bed, Carter walks in, "sorry" he says, " for what?" you ask, " for kissing you like that,"

  6. 6

    we will stop here, friend me if you haven't, rate five stars if you liked the kiss, and comment for part four!

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