Who Will Fall For You: Demon, Neko, Werewolf, Angel, or Vampire (i am not copying anyone, those who are thinking, there are tons of these quizzes)

by: xXxMusicAddictxXx

To all of those who think I am copying, there are a ton of these quizzes! So back off. I promise I have my own story!

  1. 1

    lets start with your name is Jade, and you are seventeen, and you live with your dad

  2. 2

    You decide to take your little walk around the woods, you do this when your dad gets on you last nerve, which is everyday, you soak in the crisp Autumn breeze passing by, and you notice something glow

  3. 3

    You run toward it, not knowing what it is, it seems to be running away.

  4. 4

    You finally catch up to it, and you trip and fall into the light, you fall for what seems like ages, you finally hit the ground head first with full force, your vision goes fuzzy and you hear "What

  5. 5

    You wake up and blink a few times, and next to you, there is a weird looking thing, looks like a mixture of a cat and human thats it, im officially insame you think, "Your up!" it says, you look at

  6. 6

    " Oh, yeah, you are probably why i look like this..." he said " Yeah, kinda..." you answer, " You see, im a Neko, half cat, half human," he said, " So a kitty boy?" you laugh, he laughed too,

  7. 7

    " where am i?" you ask, " We dont really have a name for it, you came through the portal that me and Carter went through to find someone we lost..."

  8. 8

    " Lost!?!" you yell, " oh, she ran away, dont worry, she was a witch, she could conquer up portals, and flash away, she was from the human world too," he explains, " Whats your name?" you ask,

  9. 9

    we are done! comment if you want more, if we arent friends send me a request so you know when art two is out! even rate if you like!=

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