Divergent aptitude test

by: nunyur

I recently fell in love... w/ the Divergent series. so I've taken the time 2 create a real life aptitude test based on te one Tris takes in the 1st book. Take this test assuming that u are not Divergent

  1. 1

    Remember the first part of the aptitude test? n the words of Jeanine Matthews "CHOOSE", knife or cheese assuming tht u r actually in a characer's position

  2. 2

    U either frightened the dog enough to get him to stay away or appeased his temper w/ te cheese. Now thedog is charging at a little girl. Assumingu still hav whatever object u chose, what do u do

  3. 3

    An old man sits in front of u. He has a stern look on his face and asks u if u kno a boy on the front page of a newspaper. Wen u look closer u see tht he is a close friend. It is a Wanted ad

  4. 4

    Now u c 3 police officers tying that same friend into an electric chair. What do you do?

  5. 5

    Ur in a soundproof train car going 100 mphs. The brakes are missng and there is a group of ppl infront of the car. The only way 2 stop it is 2 thro yurself infront.

  6. 6

    A Dr. tells u he's found the cure for cancer but he he hasn't tested it yet. He suddenly falls 2 the ground dead andu c a bracelet on yur arm which says "cancer patient 2 days to live

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