Who would fall for you? Werewolf, neko, vampire, demon or angel.

by: Tigersaga

Who would you fall for?

  1. 1

    You are walking down an unfamiliar road after school. A young man walks past and steals your bag, He then proceeds to grag your student licence and all your important stuff that told things about yo

  2. 2

    He laugh and grabbed you by the hand. "I am Damon." He told you, his golden eyes glimmering.

  3. 3

    Damon laughed. "I am a demon. Now, you might come with me Princess."

  4. 4

    A man suddenly rips Damon's hand of my arm. "DON'T ever touch__ever again!" Damon smiled at the other young man, "I was hired to kill her, but I didn't. Doesn't that count?" "NO it doesn't. You......

  5. 5

    You faint. So...... please Comment and rate. And Please tell me to continue or not!!!!!!!!

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