Who would fall for you? Werewolf, neko, vampire, demon or angel part 2

by: Tigersaga

So we left from when you fainted. A recap, you were walking along a road and a man steals your bag. He grabs you then you are rescued by another man then you faint.

  1. 1

    You wake up in a forest. The first thing you notice is that four boys are having a conversation. A boy with light blonde hair notices you're awake. "She's awake." He said to the other boys. "Who are y

  2. 2

    "We'll take you to our house, you can rest there and we will give you answers." Morbid says. "Hope on Rasky's back, he is the fastest and the strongest here."

  3. 3

    The gentle rhythum of Rasky's feet lure you to sleep.You wake in a white room and notice cloths about your size e on the end of the bed. You go to pull yourself out of the white bed and find that you

  4. 4

    You strut downstars and find the boys in the kitchen, cooking bacon, eggs, toast and pabcakes.

  5. 5

    The boys see your awake and serve you a bit of everything. "Thank you." You say and dig in. "Your welcome, hey, what were you donging on Rosslyn Road. So many demons and bad vampires it isn't funny

  6. 6

    Cliff hanger!!!!!

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