The Nerd Quiz

by: Lemon

Are you a nerd? The question emanates everywhere. Put on your Aviators, and get ready to find out!

  1. 1

    Do you think you are a nerd?

  2. 2

    How many quizzes do you take on Quibblo a day?

  3. 3

    What do you think of nerds?

  4. 4

    What best describes a Nerd?

  5. 5

    What's LMFAO mean?

  6. 6

    What, in the nerd heirarchy, is the lowest rank?

  7. 7

    Fourty Two is...

  8. 8

    Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

  9. 9

    Have you lied at all in this quiz?

  10. 10

    What do you think you got?

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