Which Skylanders Character are you? (Male characters only)

by: PikaBlue

In response to my female Skylanders character quiz, this is the male one. You can take this quiz as either a male or a female but no female characters will appear in here, if you are a girl you might want to take my female one for a better response. Alternatively I have a combined characters one for you to take of both male and female.
Do not use any wikia or other sites to get character information

  1. 1

    Please choose the phrase you like the best.

  2. 2

    Which one do you think is most important and would make you fight for its protection?

  3. 3

    My personality best matches....?

  4. 4

    Please choose the character you like best.

  5. 5

    Choose the word that you like best.

  6. 6

    Which colour bests suits your personality? (do not choose your favourite colour unless it matches)

  7. 7

    Choose the job you would most like to do.

  8. 8

    You would describe yourself as....

  9. 9

    Someone takes a possession of yours, how do you handle it?

  10. 10

    Choose the character you think/ have been told you are most like.

  11. 11

    Which type of TV/ book genre do you like the best?

  12. 12

    If you could have ONE of these superpowers, which one would you choose above the rest?

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