What will you be when you grow up?

by: SpiceyKitty

What awaits you in your future? Take this quiz and find out! :D :D (Not all of the jobs are listed)

  1. 1

    At six pm, your invited to a party. You don't know what kind of party. You do/say..

  2. 2

    oh, crud! Big test tommorow and i havent studied (or you have). You say/do...

  3. 3

    Theres a job at the grocery store. You don't want to get it. You BFF does. You say/do...

  4. 4

    Sale! Sale! Sale! You see some new shoes at the mall. You also see a purse. You only have enough money to one of them. You do/stay...

  5. 5

    For a school porject, you must make a presentaion on dinosuars. How do you represent it?

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