Which avengers guy will you fall for?? part 14

by: Ziggy_whysoserious_Rose

Ok guys, i know you've all been dying for this so here it is. Last thing that happened was you lost consousness (no idea how you spell that but you were knocked out cold) so.......let us begin.

  1. 1

    'Is she awake' 'What do you think' 'No' 'well done'. You slowly open your eyes and quickly close them because of the blinding light, you hear Steve and Tony's voices and try to sit up. 'Whoh steady...

  2. 2

    You see Bruce walk up to you, he tells you you're back on the Hellicarrier and safe. All you need are a few more check ups then you can leave the hospital wing. A doctor makes sure you're good to go..

  3. 3

    You stare up and the metalic ceiling......(what are you thinking of)

  4. 4

    There's a knock at the door 'It's Tony' a voice calls

  5. 5

    Tony walks in and takes a seat next to you 'So listen..' he begins (what do you want him to say)

  6. 6

    Sorry it's short but ya know...effort. I'll put a new one up soon so...comment and rate?

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