Percy Jackson.

by: cookie0712

How much do you know about everyones' favourite demi-gods?

  1. 1

    Who did Percy not reallly like in the begining of the first book?

  2. 2

    Who did Percy hate in the first book?

  3. 3

    Who was Percy's best friend in the first book?

  4. 4

    In the second book Percy becomes friends with

  5. 5

    In the second book, Percy and Annabeth go to the sea of:

  6. 6

    In the third book, Percy, Thalia, Annabeth, and Grover try to save the DiAngelo siblings,

  7. 7

    In the third book, who dies in a field of junk?

  8. 8

    In the third book, who dies and becomes a constalation?

  9. 9

    In the fourth book, who is Mrs. O. Leary?

  10. 10

    In the fourth book, what does Annabeth recieve as a present?

  11. 11

    In the fifth book, who bears the mark of Achildes?

  12. 12

    In the fifth book, who is Percy's greatest ememy.

  13. 13

    In the fifth book, who changes from evil to good at the last moment, killing himself.

  14. 14

    In the fifth book, who betrayed Half-Blood Camp, but died a hero.

  15. 15

    Who is Percy's mom?

  16. 16

    Who is Percy's dad?

  17. 17

    Who is Percy's step-dad?

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