what sonic fan chrater of mine would you like to train with and know about and what they say to you

by: Danithehedgewolf95

learn about my fan chrater story and find out what there feed back is to you results

  1. 1

    what music do your like

  2. 2

    what anthromorph r u like (a myth being that take shape of an animle or mixtuer of animle and has muan feruter like walk talk but has unatral abilltys and has a small part of a natural animle abitllty

  3. 3

    whats your faveorit colur

  4. 4

    what elaments do you like

  5. 5

    if went to a awsom school were you learn magic elaments and other fun stuff would you go

  6. 6

    ok say you went to this awsom school what classes would you take

  7. 7

    what school subject do you hate and would exchange for whatever subject you chose in the last qestion

  8. 8

    what helps you sleep

  9. 9

    what your weapon of choice

  10. 10

    what dont you like about your school

  11. 11

    what your fav place to get away

  12. 12

    what styal are you like

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