Who would fall for you? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman, or neko part 14

by: nyan_sama

Ok well I haven't really been on because of some 'issues' but I won't bore you with that but as I said before I will never quit this so read if you want if not then don't :) oh and I forgot last time but look at Seths new pic :)

  1. 1

    you wake up to the sun seeping through your curtains, you groan and roll over and you roll over something that feels like paper

  2. 2

    you look and see its a note Dear _, I had to bring you to your room last night it was just to tempting having you in my bed. when you wake up come down for breakfast. Love Will

  3. 3

    you smile a little at the Love part but you get up slip on a robe and make your way to the kitchen, you walk in and see Zein making breakfast you sneak up behind him and hug him from behind "morning

  4. 4

    he blushes various shades of pink and red "Good Morning _" Zein says to you and you hear someone clear their throat and turn around to see Will walking in mumbling something along the lines of "maybe

  5. 5

    Will chuckled and twirled you around "thats more like it" he said to you smiling when you hear someone yell "Group Hug!!!!" and you and Wil are tackled by Tyler, you are all laughing when Kevin walks

  6. 6

    you and Will look at each other "yeah sure" you both say in unison then you laugh as Zein finishes cooking "time to eat" he calls as you guys sit down

  7. 7

    "arent you guys gonna wait for Luke" you asked "eh no" Kevin said "fine I'll go get him myself" you say walking out of the room before they could disapprove

  8. 8

    you get to Lukes room and knock on the door you got no response so you went in "Luke" you called he was still asleep you walked over and poked him he started mumbling and swung at you as he turned

  9. 9

    you run back downstairs eat your food and run in you room just as you hear yelling downstairs "ALRIGHT WHO WAS IN MY ROOM THIS MORNING" you hear Luke yell for a while you hear nothing then, a knock at

  10. 10

    "morning Luke" you say happily "so were you in my room this morning?" he askes raising an eyebrow "umm yeah i was just trying to wake you" you say flinching back

  11. 11

    "well now that Im up, wanna do something" he askes "sure" you reply he smiles at you "ok get dressed and be sure to put your swimsuit on" he says leaving your room, what do you wear?

  12. 12

    'FF' you and Luke are at the lake he took you to, you two hoped in the lake under the waterfall and had lots of fun swimming, playing games and talking until someone came

  13. 13

    "Sir Prince Lamar, you have returned" the mysterious figure said "ugh how did you find me here, come on _" Luke said hauling himself out of the water his tail disappearing you followed him

  14. 14

    "Luke whos Sir Prince Lamar?" you asked struggling to keep up with his pace "just forget about it" he snapped and you two walked in silence, it began to get dark

  15. 15

    you look at the sky and see the moon going up its a full moon "the moon looks pretty tonight huh" you state as you two get back to the house "wha- uh oh" Luke rushes to the door and runs in you hear

  16. 16

    ok and I'm gonna end it here I'll try to get another out soon until then hasta lauego :)

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