Name that song (Pop edition)

by: Sof123

Welcome to my first name that song i will have different types of songs or just 'who sings this song' it all depends they will all be different.

  1. 1

    "what what what did you say oh you breaking up on me"

  2. 2

    "My girlfriends out of town and i'm all alone your boyfriends on vacation and he doesn't have to know."

  3. 3

    "Step up fast and be the first girl to make me throw this cash.."

  4. 4

    "I'm feeling like a star you can't stop my shine.."

  5. 5

    "okay way to go only thing we have on is the radio.. let it play say you gotta leave but i know you wanna stay"

  6. 6

    "Can you blow my whistle baby"

  7. 7

    "I let it fall my heart and as it fell you rose to claim it"

  8. 8

    "I threw a wish in the well don't ask me i'll never tell"

  9. 9

    "Tap on my window Knock on my door"

  10. 10

    "Warm wet and wild there must be something in the water"

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