WWFFY!?!? Demon, Neko, Angel, Werewolf, or Vampire PART 2

WWFFY!?!? Demon, Neko, Angel, Werewolf, or Vampire PART 2

by: BrookieMonSTAR

So,last time you got shot I do believe lets continue.......

  1. 1

    You woke up in a room with Your favorite colors on the walls and in silk sheets that were you 2 favorite colors you heard the door open in people enter you look down to see you were wearing

  2. 2

    "hey how are you feeling" a boy i jeans and a white shirt asks "i'm fine where am I" you ask looking around "In the Magical realm you have been out for a week" answers the same boy "what do you mean"

  3. 3

    "when you got shot you were brought here and left in our care soon we will have to take you to take your test to see if you are a Demon, Angel, Werewolf, Vampire or Neko." he said looking you

  4. 4

    "I don't believe you" you say looking at him worried "I'm an Angel I'll prove it" he got up and white wings came out of his back they were breath taking "I'm kevin"

  5. 5

    "hi I'm Cevana" "we know" says another boy cutting you off "I'm Luke and I'm a demon" his wings come out they were just as breath taking only they were black

  6. 6

    "I'm Nick and I'm a Neko" says another boy you smile at him "nice to meet you" "can I take you on a tour" asks Nick

  7. 7

    "sure you say he helps you up and grabs your hand he pulls you out into the hallway tats my room it is next to yours and then it Luke Kevin Jason and Jackub there are bathrooms in all the rooms

  8. 8

    he helps you down the stairs the kitchen is over there there is the lounge and a little study there and the table is there you look out side and see Snow it was so pretty "you want to eat" Nicks asks

  9. 9

    you eat 4 bowls of Mac and cheese and 7 glasses of Pepsi when you finish Nick helps you into the lounge and lets you pick between playstation 3 or Xbox360

  10. 10

    he hooks up whatever you picked and you play MW3 for a couple of hours he then helps you into your room and get in bed he opens the blind so you can see it snow and puts on Spongebob squarepants

  11. 11

    He leave and you fall asleep and CHILLHANGER!!!!!! So tell me how I'm doing so what should you get on the test Demon, Vampire,Werewolf, Neko or Angel

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