Would You Survive A Horror Movie?

by: Hurting_Inside

...I Like These Quizzes...... ... Uhh....

  1. 1

    Your Watching Tv And You All Pass Out And Wake Up In A Wierd Mansion..You Realise Your In The Haunted Mansion From The Movie!!! You And Ten People Were Watching. They Are All Here. You...

  2. 2

    You Escape The Bedroom ( THIS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO WOKE UP EVERBODY!!! DONT CHANGE YOUR ANSWER!! ) You Find A Kitchen With Two People Lieing Dead On There Chairs. You....

  3. 3

    THIS QUESTION IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO WOKE UP THEIR BEST FREINDS: You All Ran Around Panicing Until You Found A Bedroom. You Felt So Releived When You Saw A Window , And You Jumped Out.... But Then Saw

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