Who would falll for you? Demon, Neko, Vampire, or Angle?

by: Dreams_Come_True

So this is my first wwffy quiz so g easy on me! And it will be a series! Enjoy! (sorry about the sp!)

  1. 1

    You live with your mom and your seventeen.

  2. 2

    You are a party with your friend Jake. At around 11:00 youtwo decidet go home. As you leave your friend says, "I left my jacket in there. wait for me while i get it" he goes back in to the part

  3. 3

    Suddenly some one grabs you from behind

  4. 4

    The guy who was holding on to you suddenly is knocked to the ground. You hide against a wall toavoid being seen. You seen your attacker and the other person figting but soon enough your attacker is

  5. 5

    "Hey... um....Sorry." the (noticably hot) guy says. before you can ask for what hcups his palm and blows a powder at you. Then you black out

  6. 6

    You wake up in a fluffy white bed. the room that youre in has pale yellow walls, a window, and a desk in the corner. You notice you aren't wearing the same clothes as last night. What are you wearing?

  7. 7

    you see the guy from last night asleep at the desk. you

  8. 8

    what ever you do he wakes up and say "He guys she s awake!" a minute later three other guys come in. One has pale blonde hair and........a tail and ears to match!? he says "hey im kaleb" yu think OMG

  9. 9

    Why am i here " you ask "Becase your are the only one who can..........

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