What avengers guy will you fall for ? part 9

by: Ziggy_whysoserious_Rose

ok, so You are still at Loki's. A rescue mission is in order i think
please comment and rate.

  1. 1

    You wake you to the sound of a storm outside. And Loki burst in, 'Get up!' he yelled grabbing you hand and dragging you out of the room. 'Loki?' you say, 'What's wrong'. Loki stopped and listened to

  2. 2

    Loki shoved you into the room he put you in when you first got here.You heard a window smash and a deep voice yell 'Brother, show yourself'. 'Ah Thor' Loki's calm voice drifted into your ears,'i

  3. 3

    A while later the door is knocked down and a well built man with blonde hair and godly armor stood before you. 'You must be Thor then' you say. 'Indeed, and i am hear to take you back to the avengers

  4. 4

    He grabbed you and led you to the broken window. 'Hold tight' he said with a smile and threw his hammer holding on the the handle and you both flew throught the air. And cut. sorry it's a bit short

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