WWYFF Zombie Apocalypse 4

WWYFF Zombie Apocalypse 4

by: YangXiaolong

Recap: You finally met Alec and Jenks. You were capture but then saved and now is safe and sound with the guys.

The results are on the special zombies from Left 4 Dead, in case you guys aren't familiar with them and some other important information. It kind of sucks so sorry in advance. I probably shouldn't type while I have a headache lol. Sorry but no boys this time you will still see who you got but there isn't really anything about them. Check other results for info.


  1. 1

    You wake up feeling the car slow down and look to see it's night time. You look at Lucan who looks forward with concern as he comes to a stop next to the Bronco. A fork in the road ahead.

  2. 2

    "What's going on," you ask but is ignored as Zane and Alec hop out of the car while Cole gets out of the Bronco and walks over. "We're gonna discuss what we should do," Lucan finally says and you look

  3. 3

    "The city," you ask and Lucan nods as T.K sighs. "We've tried to avoid the city as much as possible, taking back roads and going from town to town but lately the towns we come across have already

  4. 4

    You take in what T.K was saying as you watch the three outside approach yours and Lucan's window as they rolled down. Cole leaned in on yours smiling at you as the other two stood at Lucan's.

  5. 5

    "So fellas and...lady," Cole nodded at you then let out a deep sigh. "We have a decision to make and although you guys normally let me make the decisions, this one is one I can't make alone.

  6. 6

    "We're running low on supplies. Mainly food, gas and ammo. We should have enough ammo to go in and get out but that depends on how quickly we do it and how much trouble we run into." "It's a city,"

  7. 7

    "Specials," you ask curiously. "Special case zombies," T.K replied. "Special case zombies?" "There are the average braaiins dimwitted zombies then there's Special case zombies with annoying abilities"

  8. 8

    "What were those things," you ask as a slight shiver ran down your spine, remembering the disfigured man that had used his tongue to capture you. "A smoker and hunter," Lucan replied.

  9. 9

    "Well I guess it's a good thing they're dead," you chuckle. "Oh there's plenty more of them," Cole frowned. "Spitters, Jockeys, Hunters, Boomers, Smokers." "Don't forget the deadly ones," T.K said.

  10. 10

    Cole sighed deeply as they all seemed to be remembering something. "Lets just pray we don't run into them again." "What are you guys talking about," you ask, annoyed with being left out.

  11. 11

    Everyone looked at you troubled then away. Lucan had his eyes closed. Alec and Zane began glaring at the ground as Cole looked at you, unsure of what to say. "There use to be a lot more of us,"

  12. 12

    You feel slightly sick and sad as you imagine their loses. "I think before we make a decision we should explain everything to her," T.K suggests.

  13. 13

    "Why? It's not like she has any say in the matter," Zane scoffs. "She does," Lucan says surprising everyone, especially Zane who stared at him. "She's part of the group too. We trust our lives in each

  14. 14

    It went silent as the two stared at each other but was broken when Cole smirked and laughed. "Lucan's right. She's part of the group now and as a group we rely on each other. So she needs to know what

  15. 15

    "Whatever," Zane scoffed as he folded his arms and turned his back on the group. "Well then. We better get started," Cole smirked as she looked at you. "Zombie Training Boot Camp starts now."

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