Dark knights (my wwffy) part 5

by: Dreams_Come_True

I want to thank yu who take these. Shout out to Ellie_mint_chocolate, Sister_of_Death, & Similing_for_you who hane commented sice the 1rst quiz! Kaleb: HI!
Me: what are you doing I was talking! looks mad
Kaleb: sad face
Me: I cant stay mad at you
Kaleb: whispers in my ear
Me: sure
Kaleb: Hi Ellie!
Andrew: Can I?
Me: ok
Andrew: Hi Sister_of_Death
Tyler: rocking back and forth
Drew: Hi Smiling_for_you
Me: souldnt you be unconsiuos
Drew: oh goes back to being unconsious

  1. 1

    1^ Wow we kinda got off topic didn't we?

  2. 2

    So last time you were rushiing over to Drew be cause he was bleeding right?

  3. 3

    You rush to Drew and grabb his hand holding it tight. you notice that he has passed out and is breathing heavily. His sdie is still bleed really bad

  4. 4

    (you do 2) surprising ly enough Andrew leaves and is back in a minute with all the stuff. You put the towels arond Drew and carefully clean and treat his wound,before sewiing and bandageing it up.

  5. 5

    You hear something and turn around to see tyler with a large kitchen knife. Before anyone can do anything he plungers it through his chest and drops dead.

  6. 6

    Any one else want to go against me?

  7. 7

    Good! By the way..... shows the REAL and ALIVE tyler to everyone, hes not dead. See theres his fangirl right there v. hid them in the closet. :3

  8. 8

    OK so 5-7 dont count, any way you just fixed up Drew. Andrew comes over and picks up Drew carefully, Before you can protest he says, "Im just going to bring him to his room, why dont you go get cleane

  9. 9

    You go up stairs to your bathroom and get in the shower...........what soap do you use?

  10. 10

    After you're done you get out put on a robe and go in your room. You open up the closet and pull out a clean out fit. What does it look like?

  11. 11

    After getiing dressed you head to Drews room, knocking before you enter. "come in." came andrews reply. You see drew lying asleep on hie bed with the covers tucked up under his arms. Andrew says, "

  12. 12

    sorry i have to end it here my computer is beiing stupid. I will make the next one longer and it will still be Drews turn. Oh and dont worry your surprise is in the makeing!!!!XD remember to comment!

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