Name That Simple Plan Song?

Name That Simple Plan Song?

by: Musicdramalover98

Simply Answer The Correct Name To The Lyrics Below.

  1. 1

    'Can Anybody Here Me? Or Am I Talking To Myself?'

  2. 2

    It's Like We're Going Through the Motions, of a Scripted Destiny'

  3. 3

    'Don't Tell Me Who I Should Be, And Don't Try To Tell Me What's Right For Me'

  4. 4

    My Soul is Broken Streets Are Frozen I Can't Stop These Feelings Melting Through

  5. 5

    'And My Heart, Heart, Heart, Is So...'

  6. 6

    'Tell Me What's Wrong With Society, When Everywhere I Look I See, Young Girls Dying To Be On T.V'

  7. 7

    'The Thing I Miss The Most is, Waking Up Next To You'

  8. 8

    'When Your Spending Everyday On Your Own'

  9. 9

    'Your Just Skin And Bones'

  10. 10

    The City Sleeps and We're Lost in the Moment, Another Kiss Says We're Lying on the Pavement'

  11. 11

    'I Want A Lifetime Supply of Skittles'

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