How picky are you?

by: clase_de_2013
  1. 1

    As a child, what did you do when your mother told you to eat your vegetables?

  2. 2

    Do people ever comment on your eating habits?

  3. 3

    When "Santa" gives you the shirt you asked for, but in a color you hate, what do you do?

  4. 4

    When you are shopping in the mall, how easily are you able to find things that you like?

  5. 5

    If your friend invites you to a movie that doesn't appeal to you, do you go?

  6. 6

    If a nice, average person from your school asked you on a date, would you go?

  7. 7

    If a friend suggested a bunch of people who you might like to go out with, what would you say?

  8. 8

    When you are asked to make a list of tv shows that you like, what does your list look like?

  9. 9

    If you are presented with a cake for your birthday, but the cake has a filling that you don't like, what would you do?

  10. 10

    If you were served a food that you didn't like at a restaurant, what would you do?

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