Linguistics Reading Quiz

by: FloatingU

This quiz will test your comprehension of the linguistics reading assigned by Professor Pinker. To prepare for the quiz, read the following assignment: 

Course Pack: Steven Pinker, The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language. New York: HarperCollins. (1994/2007). (Chapters 1, 2 & 4)

  1. 1

    Which of the following statements would Steven Pinker most likely agree with?

  2. 2

    How does the example of deaf children who learn fluid sign language from pidgin-signing parents lend credence the concept of a universal grammar?

  3. 3

    Victims of brain damage and genetic disorders shed light on the nature of language in all of the following ways EXCEPT:

  4. 4

    Word-chain devices fail to provide an adequate model of language for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:

  5. 5

    What is the difference between deep-structure and surface-structure in grammar and syntax?

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