What avengers guy will you fall for ? part 5

What avengers guy will you fall for ? part 5

by: Ziggy_whysoserious_Rose

ok part 5 great. so in the last one hawkeye kissed you and now its bruce's turn to has his own quiz :) Oh and btw no Loki in this one sorry guys but all mine ~ cue evil laugh~

  1. 1

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Things have been awkward ever since you and Clint got back and the gang have started picking up on something

  2. 2

    'Hey what's with you and Clint?' says Tony when he caught you on your own 'oh well um' you try to say 'he kissed me'. Tony laughed and turned to walk away. weird you think. Then you see Bruce...

  3. 3

    'Knock knock' you say when you walk into the lab. 'Oh hey, uh what are you up to?'. ' i just wondered what you where working on' 'oh it's a new kinda weapon for the avengers' 'oh cool' 'did you..

  4. 4

    you say yes to a drink with Bruce and meet up at a bar after he's finished his work, 'i'm really glad you came' he says smiling at you 'i was worried you wouldn't show'. 'why would you think that?' ..

  5. 5

    And cut. hope you enjoyed that and please comment and rate

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