Which Elementally classified Genres resemble you?

Which Elementally classified Genres resemble you?

by: Ephemeral_Eternity

Are you bored of listenIng to the same music genres; and are
curious what other genres that are recommended for you, to try
out? Or are you just inquisitive, to know what element dominates
your general music taste? You are in luck! Take my quiz to find
out now. (Credits to the DeviantArt member, who made the lovely pictures; that I used in my image results.)

  1. 1

    What do you focus on the most, when picking music?

  2. 2

    What style of music do you prefer?

  3. 3

    What result did you receive ; from my other element quiz? (If you haven't taken it, take it now!)

  4. 4

    What describes your taste in music, overall in one single word?

  5. 5

    Pick your favourite instrument clique, listed below!

  6. 6

    Which artists listed below, would you personally choose to hear?

  7. 7

    Do you enjoy mainstream pop music?

  8. 8

    Finish the sentence - you believe, that music is...

  9. 9

    Which genre do you like most, out of the following types?

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