who would fall for you? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman, or neko part 13

by: nyan_sama

hiiiiii I know I know Im so late thats because........... heck I dont have a good excuse this time, I had it planned and I had the time just lazy sorry please dont hate me and please dont stop reading I wont ever quit on you so please dont quit on me :3 but remember inbox me questions for both quizzes my first and this one and I will have a wdtt (what do they think) sheet out soon (:

  1. 1

    read the memo its important today :))))

  2. 2

    you wake up where ever you fell asleep and go to take a shower and brush your teeth and all that good stuff you change your clothes and go downstairs to see the boys making a breakfast buffet

  3. 3

    you get whatever you want and sit next to the guy of your choice and you all start chatting its all going good until the one you were with last night askes you about why you were outside last night

  4. 4

    you had to tell everyone the entire story of how you were with Seth and they got all quiet and Tyler spoke up "I wanna tell the story....... and long story short Seth spends his days trying to kill us

  5. 5

    "wow thats shocking, and a lot to take in" you say not really knowing what else to say "yeah I know, any questions?" Zein askes "a few but this ones for Will..." you take a breath and look at Will

  6. 6

    "Will you dont have to answer if you dont want to but I'm curious..... is this how you became a fallen angel?" you ask him holding your breath half expecting him to flip out

  7. 7

    instead he just stared at you and it made you uncomfortable so you looked away but when you did he got up and went upstairs "sorry _ its a touchy subject for him but you can go after him

  8. 8

    you nod and go upstairs and knock softly on his door, you werent sure but you thought you heard him faintly say 'come in' so you went in and saw him sitting on his bed in the dark

  9. 9

    "Will, I'm sorry I didn't know it was a touchy subject for you I was just curious" you say genuinely sorry "its ok, but to answer your question yes that is how I became a fallen angel" he says not

  10. 10

    you didn't really know how to respond so you just said 'oh' and you two sat in silence after a few minutes Will turned and cuddled you birying his face in your shoulder, you....

  11. 11

    you end up huging him back comfortingly and you two stay like that for a while until he gets up and walks away "Im sorry _" he says "its ok" you say following him to where he was standing

  12. 12

    he turns and faces you and looks deep into your eyes as if searching for something you suddenly become self-concious and begin to blush and look down "dont do that" he murmers leaning towards you

  13. 13

    Will closes the gap between you two and your lips meet, it just felt right you felt like you were surrounded by warmth and floating on air as you realized Will had his wings wrapped around you

  14. 14

    you felt something tug at the hem of your shirt and you understood what he was doing "no Will we shouldn't" you say pulling away

  15. 15

    "I'm sorry I was caught up in the moment I lost control" he says letting you down you feel instantly tired and lay down on his bed "hey Will I'm sleeping in your bed" you tell him then fall asleep

  16. 16

    "wait _ no" was the last thing you heard him say before you fell asleep, while your sleeping you feel yourself being lifted and carried you look up and see dark hair but you cant really see his face,

  17. 17

    OK I'm gonna end it here now you know the story and you learned about Will :D dont forget about questions :3

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