What avengers guy will you fall for ? part 3

by: Ziggy_whysoserious_Rose

part 3 ~everyone cheers~yay. so we left of with you going on a mission. ok 3...2...1 go

  1. 1

    read the memo ~reads memo~ ok good. You get paired up with Tony to go on the mission

  2. 2

    'Come on girl we got some a*s to kick' says Tony as you head off to find Loki. You find him at the top of the Stark tower. 'You deal with him i'll take on those things' Tony says pointing to the giant

  3. 3

    'Ah the new baby avenger' says Loki with a smile, 'Just the person i wanted to see'. 'Oh really' You say looking strong. 'i Have an offer for you, Join me and together we can be most powerful'

  4. 4

    'i..i mean. no i can't join you' you say, 'oh dear, i was afraid you'd say that' Loki walked toward you and you stumbled at the edge of the roof 'good bye th..' Loki looked up' Damn avengers' someone

  5. 5

    It turns out it was Hawkeye (well he had to come sooner or later) he dropped down and fought of Loki before the idiot pushed you off the side of Stark tower. 'You ok?' Clint asked 'I'm alot better..

  6. 6

    and cut, we end there. comment if you have any ideas for part 4 :D

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