How Many Common Writing Mistakes Do You Make?

How Many Common Writing Mistakes Do You Make?

by: TheToga

Okay, everyone. This is for all of you young authors out there. You all have such brilliant ideas for stories, and I'm sure you all want as many people to read your works as possible. So why haven't they? Take this quiz to see which common mistakes readers like me catch straight away, and you'll discover why we may shy away from your stories.

Any concerns or comments regarding the questions? Send me a message!

  1. 1

    Just by seeing the title, a reader assumes what the writing style will be like, how professional the author is, and how interesting it will be. Which of these titles most attracts a reader?

  2. 2

    Even though most of us are aspiring young writers, we strive to be professional. Which of these is the most professional introduction?

  3. 3

    "Even the greatest author is a poor editor of his own work." We all make grammar mistakes, but which of these statements is just unacceptable?

  4. 4

    We're writing stories, right? So, what's with the personal messages? Your friends may be interested in what's going on in your life, but the people reading random stories aren't. What should you do?

  5. 5

    Aside from the title, the first couple of sentences are a major determining factor as to whether or not a person will finish your story. Which of these openings grab your attention the most?

  6. 6

    Sometimes we all need advice about how to begin our story, or we need some ideas. That's understandable. But which of the following should you do to get inspiration?

  7. 7

    Here's a tough question. How should you go about giving criticism?

  8. 8

    Many people give information about their characters in the first chapter or two of their stories. Which of the following is a reason that might be annoying?

  9. 9

    Reposts can be fun, but similarly to question number four, people clicking on random stories aren't going to be very interested in your writing. What can you do about this?

  10. 10

    We all want people to read our stories, but sometimes we go about advertising in poor ways. Which of the following should you do?

  11. 11

    Last question. When you have a problem with someone, which of these should you do?

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