is your house haunted?

by: dogs
  1. 1

    do you ever hear screaming?

  2. 2

    when its not a windy night, and all the windows are shut, does your door constantly open and close?

  3. 3

    how old is your house?

  4. 4

    do you see black figures?

  5. 5

    at midnight when its pitch black, do you see a circle of light on your wall?

  6. 6

    has anyone died in your house?

  7. 7

    has a tap in ur kitchen/ bathroom randomly turned on when no ones there?

  8. 8

    have you ever shut a door but not lock it, and then it wont open?

  9. 9

    in your room, does anything randomly fall off your desk or shelves when you havent even touched it?

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