who would fall for you? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman, or neko part 10

by: nyan_sama

ok well I decided to do this because I've kinda been procrastinating I guess :P well its here now :D

  1. 1

    RECAP: ok well you and Kevin went out on a date to the amusement park and you met Seth which whom you have a funny feeling about ready

  2. 2

    you and Kevin had a lot of fun at the amusement park you hadn't even thought about the weird feeling you had and you and Kevin decided to leave

  3. 3

    you were really tired when you and Kevin left the park "hey __ do you want me to carry you" he asked "well I think I'll be too heavy" you reply he smirks "I doubt that"

  4. 4

    "fine do what you must" you say rolling your eyes "not until you admit you wanna be carried" "ok fine please oh pretty please Kevin carry me" you say sarcastically "ok, I will since you insist"

  5. 5

    he transforms into a red dragon and picks you up and flies back to the house `FF`he sets you down outside of the house and transforms back into a human "man I felt like I was carrying extra weight"

  6. 6

    "well thats a nice way you end a date" you say rolling your eyes about to go inside but he grabs you hand "no not you like someone else" he says slowly and in a low voice "why are you talking so low"

  7. 7

    "shhhh" "why" "just shh" he says covering your mouth then he dissapears into the bushes "Kevin where are you going" you say to him then you hear struggling "__ go inside" Kevin yells to you, you go in

  8. 8

    and go get the first person you run into "Luke Kevins outside in the bushes, struggling" you said hysterically "um __ I think you need to sit down" Luke says obviouslly confused "no but he just an--

  9. 9

    Kevin bursts in looking pissed off to the max and he seems to be dragging something "whats that" Luke askes him "you have a visitor __" "what me"

  10. 10

    ok and I'm going to end it here I'm tired :/ but rate comment and friend er message :D

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