who would fall for you? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman, or neko part 9

by: nyan_sama

ok well, here is part nine and I may not get another out for a little bit because I'm on Spring break and tomarrow I'm going to Maryland to my aunts house and she doesnt let me on her computer but I may do it on my phone i dunno yet but yeah enjoy :D

  1. 1

    um ok to recap Tyler watched over you and every night from now on a boy will watch you so nothing happens to you ok ready

  2. 2

    you open your eyes to find that your peering into yellowish-tan eyes "eeeeep" you shriek while pushing the person out of your bed

  3. 3

    "oww __, why'd you do that" Tyler askes rubbing his head sitting up "oh I'm so sorry Tyler I forgot you were in my bed and you scared me" you said feeling bad "its ok but get dressed ok" Tyler says

  4. 4

    after he leaves you take a shower and do your hair, then get dressed what do you wear

  5. 5

    you go down stairs and you smell chocolate chip waffles, you walk in the kitchen and see Kevin cooking "hi Kevin" you say he turns around "hey __" he says with a wink "hope your hungry"

  6. 6

    he puts some waffles in front of you and you begin eating "so what do you want to do today" he askes you "um I dunno" you say eating "well lets go to the amusment park" he suggests

  7. 7

    "um ok sounds good* you say blushing "then its a date" Kevin says winking at you that just makes you blush more

  8. 8

    `FF` you two are walking in the doors of the amusement park pointing out all of the rides you want to get on when someone bumps into you knocking you to the ground

  9. 9

    you look up to see a guy with blond hair and green eyes extending a hand to help you up, you take it "hi I'm Seth" he says smiling at you but Kevin wraps his arm around your waist "and we're leaving"

  10. 10

    ending it here hmmm why do you have a funny feeling oh and I hope you read the memo if not read it now sirius-ly its important ;P

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