ONE DIRECTION: how well do you really know them???(harder)

by: Naive

well, this is harder than the last...
gd luck.
and may the odds be ever in your favour;)
and srry about all the female part questions...
and just saying, i just saw the season! (im in new zealand) i like Rebecca Ferguson (she is so classy!), Katie and mary and gamu!!! and i dont like Cher, gosh, her version of vivalavida was so bloody funny!!!
OMG SO EXCITED:D!!!! what r u reading this for, START!!!

  1. 1

    What is Liam scared of?

  2. 2

    What is niall's favourite word for boobs?

  3. 3

    HARRY: favourite word for boobs?

  4. 4

    LOUIS: favourite word for boobs?

  5. 5

    LIAM: favourite word for boobs? (and i aint got one for zayn, heres a hint- its the same as liams:)

  6. 6

    ZAYN: if he had any super power, what would it be?

  7. 7

    LOUIS: how many sisters does he have? hmm, this one confusing, but it isnt counting lottie.

  8. 8

    ONE DIRECTION: what song did they sing at simon's house?

  9. 9

    ONE DIRECTION: who injured themselves before singing at the judges house?

  10. 10

    ONE DIRECTION: how did that person injure themselves before the performance at the judges house?

  11. 11

    HARRY: when was his first kiss?

  12. 12

    THANKS!!! and last question: EASY!!! who named the band??

  13. 13

    jk, gotta end on a 13;). What did liam sing at bootcamp 2010?

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