Does the shy guy like you? (from personal experience:)

by: codysimfan143

So i have liked a shy guy before... i still do! Shy guys normally want the girl to make the first move. So if your shy to, this might be trouble, but you never know. Most shy guys look from a distance and are to scared that they may mess up around you so they want you to make the first move. So honestly.... Does the shy guy like you? take the quiz to find out! :) Thankya!

  1. 1

    Your passing in the hall way, he sees you and.....

  2. 2

    Weather its at school or somewhere outside of school, does he sometimes seem to end up in the same place you are?

  3. 3

    Has he ever talked to you?

  4. 4

    When your talking to another guy, the shy guy always looks at you as if hes jealous... true or false?

  5. 5

    This is common..... but does he stare at you?

  6. 6

    has he ever smiled at you or blushed when you look at him?

  7. 7

    When he is talking to his friends and you walk past their group.. he...

  8. 8

    Does he try to make a scene when your around... like try to be funny with his friends or something or make a joke loud enough so you can hear it?

  9. 9

    Does he talk to any girls or have any girls that are friends?

  10. 10

    You drop your pencil by his desk.... he...

  11. 11

    Eyes are so important! Do you ever just sometimes catch his eye as you are walking down the hall and see that somewhere in his eyes... yall are perfect? (kinda weird haha)

  12. 12

    Important question that girls sometimes get caught up in: Before you started liking him.. did it seem like he noticed you?

  13. 13

    (kinda goes along with last question) after you started liking him.. he... (choose wisely!)

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