A Ghost Story

by: Darkest_Child

In this quiz you get to create a ghost story! HAVE FUN! :D

  1. 1

    In the middle of the night you wake up. You see a ghost looking at you. You ____________

  2. 2

    The ghost comes closer and closer! You get out of bed and run in the hall you run in your parents room "____________________" you scream

  3. 3

    Your parents get out of bed. "What's wrong!?" Asks your Mom. "Ghost!" You yell. "_______________________" says your dad

  4. 4

    You take your parents in your room. There's no ghost. They think you're ____________

  5. 5

    You're parents make you go back to bed. You feel a little _____________

  6. 6

    You finally doze of to sleep, but then, you wake up again! This time, it's midnight! You see the ghost, you notice that it's a ____________________ ghost

  7. 7

    You feel so scared. You run out your room. You scream "Help!" But nobody gets up. The ghost follows you, calling "_____________________"

  8. 8

    You start to run faster, but you trip on a __________________ and fall down the stairs

  9. 9

    When you hit the bottom, you scramble to your feet! You see the ghost coming down the stairs! You need something to defend yourself, you grab a _____________

  10. 10

    You through it at the ghost, it goes right through him/her! You run out the door, and the ghost follows you! You notice something about the ghost, it has ___________________ eyes

  11. 11

    You feel so so so so so _____________________

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