who would fall for you? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman, or neko part 7

by: nyan_sama

not much to say here :P silence ok I'll just get on with it then

  1. 1

    ok so to recap Pheobe took over your body and kissed Zein while inside of you making it seem like you did it

  2. 2

    "_ are you ok" Zein askes you "huh why do you ask" you say to him "well you just got really pale what happened" he asked you stop thinking if you should tell him or not

  3. 3

    you decide to tell him "well Pheobe took over my body that wasnt actually me" you say "so she kissed me not you" he asked "yeah guess she still like you" you say chuckling "yeah guess so" he says

  4. 4

    `FF` you two meet up with the rest of the guys and ride home "are you ok _" Luke askes you "yeah I'm fine" you reply "well what happened" Will asked

  5. 5

    "well Pheobe took over my body and did somethings" you say "things like what" Will said "nothing why do you care" Zein said even though he was driving everyone gave you a look like what

  6. 6

    `FF` you guys get home and go in the kitchen to make dinner, you all sit around the table eating dinner and dessert what was it

  7. 7

    "well I think I'm going to go to bed" you say getting up and walking up to your room and getting in the bed

  8. 8

    your just about to drift off to sleep when you hear your door creak open "whos there" you ask a little scared "dont shoot its just Tyler" Tyler says flashing a grin at you "hey Tyler" you say

  9. 9

    "so can you tell me what happened" Tyler says "um yeah well Pheobe kinda made me kiss Zein" you say he looks at you for a second before saying "well I think I should get one too" he says

  10. 10

    "one what" you ask skeptical he looks at you and then kisses you "one of those" he says smiling

  11. 11

    ending it here because I have to get off sorry see you later bye =^-^=

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