who would fall for you? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman, or neko part 6

by: nyan_sama

Well I'm doing this one from my phone so no pictures sorry :)

  1. 1

    Ok so to recap what happened last time you met Phoebe and learned shes a ghoul and that shes taking over your body

  2. 2

    You feel kinda drained you realize that Phoebe is no longer in front of you you try to move your head when you realize you can't

  3. 3

    You begin to freak out realizing your paralyzed and try to scream but you can't even open your mouth when you hear "see this is what I do" hmm what does she mean is she in my body you think

  4. 4

    "right you are" you hear so what are you going to do now "hmmm lets start with letting you down shall we" she jumps down and goes to walk up the steps when the door swings open

  5. 5

    "_ are you down there" you hear a voice "lets have some fun shall we" Phoebe whispers to you she runs up the stairs "here I am" she says "are you ok" Zein asks

  6. 6

    "oh Zein thank you for saving me from your ex" she said from your mouth he frowned she told you "yes but its ok I dont mind" she said leaving into him

  7. 7

    She kisses Zein on the lips causing him to blush she breaks it and he looks down "good luck" she whispers to you and you feel your strength regaining "_" you hear softly

  8. 8

    Ending it here see you later rate comment message if you want bye ^-^

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