how adult/mature are you

by: mcrmcrmcrmcrmcr

the higher you score the more of an adult you are

  1. 1

    have u ever lived on your own? (as in not with family)

  2. 2

    been responsible for paying ur own rent

  3. 3

    told someone they were being immature

  4. 4

    got a job

  5. 5

    attended a protest

  6. 6

    got rid of your some of your toys

  7. 7

    chose yourself to go to bed early

  8. 8

    not gone out to play in the snow when it snowed

  9. 9

    decided your to old to do something

  10. 10

    did your homework/studyied without being told to

  11. 11

    do you keep up to date with the news

  12. 12

    have you ever gone to a interview

  13. 13

    have u apoligised for something you did without being forced to?

  14. 14

    gone out with just ur friends

  15. 15

    do you find words like peniis fart poop and boobies funny at all

  16. 16

    at christmas do you buy presents for other people?

  17. 17

    whats your main email adress

  18. 18

    you can chose ur own dinners from now on what would u have

  19. 19

    you can buy any pet what do u do first

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