who would fall for you? Dragon, fallen angel, fairy, merman, or neko part 12

by: nyan_sama

hiya sorry I haven't gotten one out, Quibblo kept erasing it and I got fed up and irriatated but hopefully it publishes now, and I need questions for both my quizzes for the Q&A session, it can be ANYTHING ;) enjoy

  1. 1

    ~ding ding~ your alarm went off at midnight crap its going to wake Luke up you thought fumbling to turn it off as Luke opened his eyes "__"

  2. 2

    "oh hi Luke I was just going to the bathroom" you said "I thought I heard a bell" he replied "no no probably just a dream" you insisted

  3. 3

    Luke didn't seem satisfied but shugged it off and went back to sleep, you took that oppurtunity to sneak out

  4. 4

    you were almost at the door when "_" someone called you and you kept walking but slowed your pace and moaned in response

  5. 5

    "ah she must sleepwalking" Tyler mumbled to himself and kept walking once he was gone you burst out the door, since it was still early it was dark and sent a bad vibe

  6. 6

    when all of a sudden something jumped down in front of you making you scream "shh" it hissed as a light came on in the house

  7. 7

    "Seth, you scared me" you say hitting him "_, ready to go" he says happily "I told you I wasnt going with you, I just wanted answers" you said gettng mad

  8. 8

    his expression turns cold as he whispers "you were using me, you lead me on" "what no I tod you all I wanted was answers" you say he grabs you "well now you'll never get them"

  9. 9

    you knee him where the sun don't shine and run into the house bumping into one of the guys, who was it

  10. 10

    ending it here cuz I'm tired and I don't want it to get deleted again :) remember to message me questions and such ta ta for now :P

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